The Secret of Beauty

A receipt dates 14.12.59 of toilet water bought by Marilyn Monroe

The Secret of Beauty

We all know what Marilyn wore to bed… but what was her best kept secret and unsung hero of the Floris repertoire.
Today we celebrate what would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 97th Birthday. An influence of style, glamour, and a pioneering actress.
We are incredibly fortunate to have a receipt in our collection dated December 1959, showing a purchase of Rose Geranium made for Marilyn Monroe Miller while she stayed at Beverly Hills Hotel, California.

Uncover the beauty secret to fragrance your day in charming pink geranium, enhanced by fresh citrus nuances and a hint of rose. A simple woody base note accord of cedarwood is all that is needed to complete this clean-cut classic.

“Just a couple of drops of either Stephanotis or Rose Geranium and you are transported to a heavenly place that is forever a claw footed bath in downtown abbey.”

Alexandra Shulman – Former Vogue Editor-in-Chief

A labour of love, Rose Geranium is part of The Ledger Series, a collection of perfumes exclusively hand-poured by our perfumers and displayed in the family museum, alongside some of the original bottles and formula books.

These fragrances can be hand-poured on request at 89 Jermyn Street or phone Customer Services on +44 (0) 3301 340180.

Modernise your rose scent with some of our latest fragrances including A Rose For…, Platinum 22, Sirena, and Lily. Four unique fragrances with a wide variety of freshness, depth and complex character, all taking the rose scent and blending it into their own distinctive exploration.

A Rose For…

Eau de Parfum

Contemporary and dark with a confident intensity that places the rose with notes of spice, orris and woods, taking the wearer on a journey of romance. The main character is carried in the heart where the balance of the red rose is delicately wrapped in incense, oud and orris. Distinguishing warm woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood and amber in the base give the fragrance strength, refinement, and depth.

Platinum 22

Eau de Parfum

Opening with top notes of cool orris, rounded by the comforting scent of oats, and lifted with a sparkle of blackcurrant and lime, gently yielding to the radiant heart notes of rich rose with violet leaves, clary sage, black tea, and a touch of black pepper to add a hint of spice. Concluding with the warm woody base note of cedarwood enriched by a harmony of smooth amber, musk and tonka bean. 


Eau de Parfum

An invigoratingly fresh and floral scent, opening with a tropical blend of jasmine, marine and bergamot punctuated with pink peppercorn. These exotic notes are perfectly combined with a floral heart of oleander, peony and rose, and accentuated with summer berries on a bed of musk, patchouli, and sandalwood.


Eau de Toilette

Uplifting and warm. Inspired by the lily of the valley flower, the perfumer sought to preserve its natural state. The dewy freshness of the blooms is enhanced with a flourish of Egyptian jasmine and Bulgarian rose. Sparkling white tea notes give a clean effect while the reassuring woody musky dry-down leaves a soft warmth on skin.