Further to the  Brexit Trade Deal, agreed on 1st January 2021 between the EU and UK, we want to inform our European customers of the changes that have taken place and detail below these:

  • Goods will be sold exclusive of VAT and VAT will be levied locally by the courier, who will collect on behalf of the authorities. The VAT rate will be relative to each country.
  • VAT does not apply to orders under €22.
  • A disbursement charge will be levied by the courier which will be different to each country, and will need to be paid locally.
  • The customer will need to pay the vat and disbursement fees to the courier before the consignment is released for delivery.
  • From 1st January, a Brexit fee is applied to the cost of delivery of the amount of £4.50 (approximately €5). Our shipping costs have been updated from €15 to €20 to reflect this.
  • Orders over €150 still qualify for free delivery.

We will continue to monitor the situation and assess our shipping methods moving forward and strive to do our best to keep our customers as priority.