Welcome to Lily, our newest fragrance collection


We’re delighted to launch our newest fragrance, the Lily Collection.

A balanced floral fragrance, inspired by the Lily of the Valley flower and preserving its natural state. The dewy freshness of the blooms is enhanced with a flourish of Egyptian Jasmine and Bulgarian Rose. The sparkling white tea notes give a clean effect while the reassuring woody musky dry-down leaves a soft warmth on skin.

The History of Lily of the Valley

Delicately adorned in soft white lace amidst a bloom of Lily of the Valley, dancers weave around ribbon adorned maypoles to celebrate the lengthening of days and to ensure that the season’s bounty will be plentiful. Our new Lily collection pays homage to that time.

The Lily Revival

Lily revives and reinvigorates the scent of Lily of the Valley, pursuing to preserve its natural state with twists of Jasmine, Rose, Tea and Musk. The fragrance takes inspiration from the history and rich folklore of Lily of the Valley, cultivated for over 400 years and a symbol of rebirth, purity, love, and happiness.

A Note From The Perfumer

"Lily embodies the joy and exuberance of this timeless English tradition with its floral note evoking the images of springtime blossom, verdant meadows and the sounds of birds singing in harmony."


For Every Occasion

Not only is this exuberant fragrance available in an Eau de Toilette, but the scent is also surrounded by a luxurious Bath & Body Lily Collection including: Bath & Shower Gel, Bath Essence, Soap and the debut of an all-new Fragrance Powder. Fully immerse yourself in this truly British bloom.

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