Quietly and meticulously composing a symphony, a perfect balance between art and science. Our elegance is borne from experience not artifice.

Made in Britain, using the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world. 

Discover the skill and artistry that goes into the creation of a Floris fragrance. It's a skill that has been passed down for 9 generations.

Our expert craftspeople take pride in every drop that goes into a Floris perfume.

With longstanding local suppliers and sustainable sourcing policies, our in-house perfumery team define artisanal creation.

Field to Bottle

Provenance & Traceability

Our Commitment

We have always sourced the finest raw materials for our compositions. All of our absolutes and essential oils are sustainably sourced from our extended family of long serving suppliers who strictly monitor the grade of each crop to ensure their upmost quality.

Using a high proportion of natural ingredients seamlessly fused with a pallet of highest quality man made molecules...


Nearly 300 years ago, Juan Famenias Floris created his first fragrance and recorded the formula in a large leather bound book. He continued to craft individual blends for his distinguished customers and with each new fragrance, the original formula was handwritten in this very book. For almost three centuries these recordings, along with the many more that followed, have been meticulously cared for in the perfumery at 89 Jermyn Street and have been handed down through each generation of the Floris family, providing inspiration for the unique Floris fragrances created today.

"We compose our fragrances in London in the same room my father did, and his father before him."
Edward Bodenham - 9th Generation Perfumery Director


Our elegance is borne from experience not artifice

The perfumers craft cannot be learnt from books.
It is a transformation developed meticulously, drop by drop, through experience and instinct.

Whilst maintaining a deep respect for our heritage we are forward thinking in our fragrance creation and are often inspired by new experiences that relate to the present day and resonate with our current culture. Creating emotions by...

"I strongly feel that because we continue to compose the fragrances in the same atmosphere and same surroundings in which they have always been created, there is a certain energy or magic that goes into each creation and makes it uniquely a Floris scent."
Edward Bodenham - 9th Generation Perfumery Director



Protecting Traditional Methods

Our perfumery team create all of our fragrances at our perfumery 89 Jermyn Street carefully using essences measured in imperial fluid drams and ounces using the same antique glassware that our ancestors have been using for nearly 300 years.

We have poured 9 generations of knowledge into the creation of a perfumery team that holds true to the values of Floris, while embracing modern techniques, responsible sourcing methods and experimental artistry.



The House Of Floris

Today our in house ‘nose’ and 9th generation of the Floris family, Edward Bodenham is based at the Jermyn Street shop, and with his team of perfumers, Penny Ellis and Nicola Pozzani develops all our fragrance creations, and runs the bespoke service that allows customers to create a tailored scents just for them. We are unique in that our fragrance...

"It’s quite a perfecting job; a tiny drop really matters...you need to have the rigour of science behind you."
Penny Ellis - Bespoke Perfumer

The Floris


A Family Business, Looking to the Future

In the recent history of Floris, Edward has been focused on creating a perfumery team that embraces the artisanal heart of Floris's perfumery heritage, but which finds new boundaries and ways of building on the success of our ancestors.

Our catalogue of fragrances has stood the test of time. Each perfume has is meticulously formulated and contains the finest ingredients. What...

"Fragrance is invisible, but it has the power to evoke old memories and shape new ones. When I blend a bespoke perfume, it may only take a few hours, but it can stay with you for a lifetime."
Nicola Pozzani - Bespoke Perfumer