Standing in the heart of St James’s for nearly 300 years, we are proud to be the standard bearers of perfumery expertise in London. Our shop at 89 Jermyn Street has, throughout the whole history of Floris, remained the beating heart of Floris


The Home Of British Perfumery

We are thrilled to have been able to reopen our shop on the 12th of April.

As a small local business, we've been able to adapt to the changing circumstances and the health and well-being of our customers, staff and wider community is our utmost priority. Our team have all been trained to adhere to recent government guidelines and will be on hand to support you.

Founded in London’s St. James’s in 1730, we are proud to have stood as the destination for fine fragrance, craftsmanship and exceptional customer service ever since. For anyone with a love of perfume and British luxury, 89 Jermyn Street is the ultimate destination to enliven the senses. Over centuries of history, we have been committed to delivering our passion for the fragrance to everyone that walks through our doors.

We are proud to be a privately owned independent family business and through our unique inherent style, character, rooted British artisanal standards compose refined fragrance with family values and reverence for our customers.

Everyone remembers their first encounter at 89 Jermyn Street. We've been delivering them for nearly 300 years.




Jermyn Street in 1730 was a world of enterprise, excitement and migration that brought with it knowledge and opportunity. Following their marriage, Floris founder Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth began selling perfume, combs and shaving products here in the elegant quarter of London’s St James’s .

The row of houses that number 89 resides on Jermyn Street, is of...

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Boasting its original Spanish mahogany cabinets purchased from the Great Exhibition in 1851, stepping inside 89 Jermyn Street is a wonderful experience. A visit is becalming in nature, yet a full submersion of the senses.  Discover 300 years of perfumery history.

Welcome to


Meet Our Team

If you have ever paid us a visit and been welcomed by the light, fresh, exotic, comforting and homely aroma that draws you into the shop, you will know all about the particular magic of our famous store. The original dark mahogany cabinets adorn the walls, carrying our entire collection of fragrances.

In 2016, the Floris family undertook the first...

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Discover Your Floris Fragrance

Situated in the centre of our perfumery, stands our perfume counter. The counter is an antique display case, also purchased from the Great Exhibition in 1851 that is one of two that we have inherited. It is the focal point of any visit to Jermyn Street as it houses our entire collection of fragrances built up over nearly 300 years...

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"We are probably a little biased – this, after all, is our home - but we think 89 Jermyn Street is a rather special place."

To celebrate its restoration in 2017, Floris also unveiled two new projects; first, a newly realised museum space at the back of the shop displaying a collection of Floris archive items, and the second being the Ledger Series, re-releasing eight fragrances from customer ledgers dating back centuries.

The Museum


290 Years

Venture a little further into the back of 89 Jermyn Street and you'll discover a veritable treasure trove of what 290 years of perfume history looks like. It is here that we have curated a selection of our most precious archives. From our original royal warrants from 1820, to family letters, photograph's, famous customers correspondence, original bottles and original craft...



8 Exclusive Fragrances

Only available at 89 Jermyn Street, The Ledger Series was a labour of love for the perfumery team. Taking 8 fragrances from the Floris archive that are no longer available, they meticulously studied the original family formula books and gradually recreated them for sale today.


Using these original formulas and working with the best ingredients available, they reinstated these classic scents from the Floris archives. The fragrances created include Rose Geranium, Malmaison Encore, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Red Rose, Islay, English Violet and Stephanotis  and were all made to an eau de parfum fragrance concentration level.


The collection of perfumes is exclusively displayed in the family museum at 89 Jermyn Street within a specially built cabinet that holds the scent alongside some of the original bottles and formula books.


These fragrances can be hand-poured on request by the Jermyn Street team.

Step through the secret blue door at the back of 89 Jermyn Street and you enter the realms of the perfumer. 

The Perfumery


Steeped in History - Crafting our Future

It is through this famous shopfront and doorway, and then further into the perfumery, where Edward Bodenham and his team work. Surrounded by more beautiful traditional cabinets displaying a selection of our archived history, the team compose fragrances for the main Floris collection, as well as where we source, research, inspect and approve new ingredients to be included into the...

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