Queen Victoria & Prince Albert: A love story for the ages

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert: A Love Story for the Ages

Bouquet de la Reine – the Queen’s bouquet – was created by Mr Floris as a wedding gift for Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert in 1840. The fragrance was then added to the Floris repertoire in 1860. A modern contemporary adaptation of this perfume was created and introduced to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II.

Bouquet de La Reine, a classic by Floris, inspired by one of England’s greatest love stories.

Originally created by Floris as a wedding present for the 21-year-old Queen Victoria as she prepared to marry the love of her life Prince Albert in February 1840, Bouquet de La Reine, is a fragrance synonymous with Valentine’s Day.

Once completed, the perfume was duly walked round to Buckingham Palace early in February just a few days before the wedding. Floris still proudly retain the original Royal warrant from Queen, signed Mistress of the Robes.

Inspired by the heart-warming love story of the new Queen Victoria and her Prince that blossomed in 1839 and had quickly become the talk of the town, John Floris decided to channel this romantic and joyful mood and set about creating a special fragrance for the Queen at 89 Jermyn Street.

The royal wedding of Albert and Victoria was unlike any other and began several traditions still observed today. Breaking from the royal protocol of holding private wedding ceremonies at night, Victoria was determined to let her people see the bridal procession in the light of day and invited more guests to observe it than ever before.

Dressed in a simple white gown of cream silk satin, hand-woven, in the heart of East London, the traditional home of the English silk industry, the dress symbolised purity, whilst practically allowing her to be seen more easily by the adoring crowds, her twelve bridesmaids coordinating in the same shade.

Setting a trend for the masses, a boom of white wedding dresses began, leading of course to the well-established tradition of the contemporary bride. Rather than wear a crown, Victoria opted for a simple wreath of orange blossoms and myrtle—the latter of which has been included in every British Royal wedding bouquet. Victoria planted the myrtle from her bouquet in her garden.

The final flourish to the dress was a handmade lace piece, hailing from Honiton in Devon, England.

An extravagantly decorated wedding cake, dressed in ancient Greek figures and garlands of Myrtle, weighing around 300 lbs, requiring the strength of four strong men to move it was had at the wedding feast.

Perhaps starting another wedding ritual of the ‘wedding car’. The Queen decidedly left her own wedding banquet in an old travelling coach for the three-hour journey to Windsor Castle was decried as an exit of “very poor and shabby style” by at least one guest.

Bouquet de la Reine is an ode to this love story between Britain’s longest-ruling monarch, after Queen Elizabeth II. The fragrance encapsulates not only the essence of a royal romance but also the enduring spirit of a queen who navigated the complexities of love, loss, and public life.

Floral, Fruity



Bergamot | Blackcurrant Buds | Peach | Violet Leaf


Jasmine | Lily of the Valley | Rose | Tuberose | Ylang Ylang


Oakmoss | Sandalwood | Vanilla

Taking on the imperial life. Delectable notes of a fruity floral effervescence bring a golden glow and a warm smile. Elegant and positive, Bouquet de La Reine has instant chemistry. Created for a Queen of the royal court, a radiant reflection of timeless beauty.

A timeless classic, still cherished to this day.

Letters from Queen Victoria to her beloved husband Prince Albert

My dearest, most beloved Victoria.

I am so touched by the evidence of trust that you give me in sending your letters, and by the so affectionate sentiments that you express towards me therein, that I scarcely know how to reply to you. How have I earned so much love and so much warm-hearted kindness?

- I am still unable to accustom myself to the truth of all that I see and hear, and can only believe that Heaven has sent down an angel to me, whose radiance is intended to brighten my life. May I succeed in making you quite quite happy, as happy as you deserve to be!!

With body and soul I remain for ever your slave

Your devoted Albert

on 15 Oct. 1839

Dear Angel,

Read these letters to your father, Uncle Leopold and Stockmar and return them as quickly as possible.

Your devoted Victoria.

15 Oct. 1839.