The Ledger Series: Malmaison Encore

The Ledger Series: Malmaison Encore

Prepare for a theatrical encore!

Experience The Ledger Series, featuring nine historically significant Floris fragrances, spanning the brand’s nearly 300-year history. This collection features our finest Eau De Parfums, available exclusively online and in-store at Floris London. Crafted in small batches for a truly unique olfactory journey.

Coming to market in 1830, the original Malmaison scent sat firmly within the Amber and Floral fragrance families, the contemporary Malmaison Encore seeks to emulate the theatrical spirit of the original scent, dancing an elegant dance of romance and sophistication.

Oscar Wilde would stride into Floris in the late 19 th century to discuss politics, society, and gossip of the day, turned out in a top hat and buttonhole adorned with a pastel green carnation. One can imagine him enthusiastically delighting in the exotic scents of 89 Jermyn Street, before choosing a flacon of his favourite Malmaison.

The Malmaison carnation was the fashionable flower ‘du jour’ in the late 19 th century. Worn as a buttonhole by elegant gentlemen and displayed prominently in crystal and glass vases in all the best houses in fashionable society. Floris perfumery team have created Malmaison Encore, a 21st century interpretation of the original Malmaison, created to recapture the spirit and emotions that the original creation embodied.

With Freedom,


And the moon,

Who could not be happy?

Oscar Wilde

An exquisite blend of spice and florals, where the captivating character of carnation reigns with irresistible allure. Opening with a stimulating spicy blend of clove, cinnamon, and zesty lemon, creating a warm and invigorating scale of top notes that immediately captures and compels.

The floral bouquet of captivating carnation, rose, and ylang ylang, build the romantic and sensual heart of the fragrance, while the base notes of cedarwood, musk and patchouli bring depth and sophistication leaving a lingering trail of charming allure.

A final touch of gourmand vanilla together with the warming patchouli and musk, evokes the graceful and eternal beauty of this floral amber fragrance.

Malmaison Encore is a scent that brings the heritage of the historical heart of Floris into the 21 st century. Capturing the essence of an elegant bygone era. Malmaison Encore is a flawless accompaniment elevating one’s contemporary daily routine and dusting it with a little literary fairy dust.


Top Notes:

Cinnamon | Clove | Lemon

Heart Notes:

Malmaison Carnation | Rose | Ylang Ylang

Base Notes:

Cedarwood | Musk | Patchouli | Vanilla

Malmaison Encore captivates with its exquisite fragrance, resonating harmoniously with several of our esteemed Floris selections. Wilde, Bergamotto di Positano, and Sirena share nuances that blend seamlessly, creating a symphony of olfactory delight, where each note enhances the others in a captivating ensemble.

Wilde, Floris's newest fragrance, pays homage to the profound connection between Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas. A reinterpretation of the classic Malmaison, Wilde retains the essence of Carnation while infusing a modern flair. With spicy ginger and invigorating marine notes, it embarks on a contemporary journey, rejuvenating and uplifting the senses.

Embark on a sensory journey with Bergamotto Di Positano, where the refreshing fusion of bergamot, mandarin, and marine notes transports you to idyllic summer retreats of yesteryears. As pungent vanilla intertwines with the fragrance, it unveils a sweet, creamy smoothness akin to the velvety allure of Malmaison Encore and its vanilla base, evoking cherished memories of sun-kissed hideaways.

Step into a romantic tale of love and longing with Sirena, a fragrance that weaves a fairytale narrative through perfumery. Its enchanting blend of jasmine, marine accords, and bergamot, accented by delicate pink peppercorn, transports you to tropical shores. Echoing the subtle Rose heart of Malmaison Encore, Sirena's journey continues with a base of musk and patchouli, leaving a lingering and unforgettable essence.