The Tale of Winston Churchill and Floris

black and white image of Winston Churchill

The Tale of Winston Churchill and Floris

Winston Churchill, a British icon, twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was renowned for his love of Cigars, Champagne and Homburg hats, he also had a penchant for exquisite fragrance. In December 1934, Winston Churchill purchased a bottle of Special N° 127 from our 89 Jermyn Street Boutique, a delightful blend of citrusy Bergamot and Petitgrain, lemony Geranium and earthy base notes of Musk and Patchouli. Special N° 127, A Floris icon, with fresh notes that have been captivating both men and women for over 100 years, including the likes of Eva Peron, Prince Orloff and of course Churchill. A truly esteemed and timeless fragrance, still loved by many to this day.

Original Floris receipt from 1934

The original receipt from December 1934, still sits in the display cabinet at 89 Jermyn Steet, London.

Special No.127, was originally designed as a bespoke fragrance for Russia’s Prince Orloff and named ‘Orloff Special’. Later the fragrance was launched into the Floris repertoire having been renamed after the page in the ‘Specials’ formula book in which the recipe was recorded. The creation was influenced by the traditional Eau de Toilette scent, quickly becoming a staple in the Floris ‘Classic’ collection.

An original label from 1890 for Floris Special No 127

An original label for the 1890 edition of the fragrance

Floris’ Special N° 127 weaves a captivating narrative of scent, top notes of bergamot, and orange blend with the soothing lavender and petitgrain, creating a fresh and inviting introduction. In the heart, a lush bouquet of Geranium, Neroli, Rose and Ylang Ylang unfolds, infusing the fragrance with floral opulence. The scent settles into a warm and comforting base of musk and patchouli. Special N° 127 is a fragrant masterpiece, timeless and unforgettable.



Bergamot | Lavender | Orange | Petitgrain


Geranium | Neroli | Rose | Ylang Ylang


Musk | Patchouli