Oud: Wood of the Gods

Oud: Wood of The Gods

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Oud, the Arabic name for Agarwood, is a rare and highly valued dark wood tree, native to South-East Asia. The scent derives from the natural fungal resin found in trees. A tenacious, animalistic and smoky scent that inspires a mystical and almost cult following through the Middle East. Utilised in fragrance and incense, setting the tone for spiritual and religious awakenings, scent has long been associated with the divine. Scent paths the way to a restorative reprieve from our daily habits, in a moment our minds can connect and transcend beyond the physical space.

Beloved universally by cultures through the ages in scenting rooms and bodies. Oud is perhaps the truffle of the fragrance world; not just for its expense, but the magnetic scent is ever-changing and almost indescribable in its nature. Striking upon first detection, it is a captivating and alluring all at once, and perhaps the most divisive scent in the fragrance realm.

Floris has utilised this exotic and sumptuous ingredient by creating two extraordinary fragrances, Honey Oud and Leather Oud, the hero note of hypnotic Oud is paired perfectly with sweet, soft, floral notes of English honey and the rugged, earthy and rich scent of leather. Opposing forces married by the seductive, alluring and mysterious qualities of the fragrance of Oud.

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Leather Oud

The perfumery team at Floris embraced the opportunity to work with this intoxicating ingredient to create a scent that is opulent and deep in character, set upon a warming amber and vetiver base, to create a long-lasting scent profile.

Leather is associated with military, hard work and physical prowess, essentially masculine at its core, plays the leading role in fragrance, followed by a warming heart of oud & patchouli, with a touch of geranium, and clove scented carnation, placed upon an oud base for added depth.



Bergamot | Leather


Carnation | Geranium | Oud | Patchouli


Oud | Vetiver | Woody Amber

Honey Oud

Honey Oud takes inspiration from Baklava, an intricate Middle Eastern dessert delicately made with layers of pastry infused with honey and vanilla. This gourmand scent is layered with English honey upon a vanilla base, traditionally the finest pods hail from the Comoro islands, which neighbour Madagascar. Combined, they accentuate the subtle rose at the heart of this complex fragrance, which is the perfect balance of sweet honey and robust oud.



Bergamot | Honey


Oud | Patchouli | Rose


Amber | Labdanum | Oud | Musk | Vanilla

Why not order a 2ml vial of each of these scents to compare the scents and see how oud can be the dramatic contrast of fragrance, when layered with different accords – Leather Oud, potent and forthright and Honey Oud – whimsical and poetic.

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Floris has a selection of fragrances that contain notes of Oud, each one gently balanced and nuanced.

A Rose For…

Contemporary and dark with a confident intensity that places the rose with notes of spice, orris and woods, taking the wearer on an altogether diverse journey of romance.

The main character of the fragrance is carried in the heart where the balance of the red rose is delicately wrapped in incense, oud and orris. Distinguishing warm woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood and amber in the base give the fragrance strength, refinement, and depth.


A fresh, woody and boldly aromatic fragrance opens with a crisp lift of juniper, paired with clean citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot.

These notes resonate with heady florals of jasmine and lavender alongside earthier tones of orris and oud. The woods and spice develop throughout, maturing with warm sensual hues, embodying the craftsmanship of fine tailoring.

Oud and Cashmere

A light sparkle of citrus contrasts with rich spicy tones of black pepper, cardamom and clove bud.

Top notes wrap around a heart of almond while rare oud accords lend an exotic earthiness whilst a dry down of musk, cashmere, vanilla and amber results in a complex yet calming scent. Full of elegance and warmth, Oud and Cashmere home fragrance collection create a welcoming atmosphere for any living space.

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