Floris Mothers: The Power Behind 89 Jermyn Street

Mothers of Floris

The power behind 89 Jermyn Street

Floris Night Scented Jasmine Bath and Body products

The history of women within the Floris dynasty

The name Elizabeth is associated with several wonderful English women; Elizabeth Floris is no exception to this esteemed group.

There are many mothers of Floris that have contributed to the family business but notably Elizabeth Floris set a strong example, being a mother of seven children, bookkeeper, as well as ordering perfumes for the store. Elizabeth would go on to solely take over the running of the establishment.

‘Motherhood; all love begins and ends there.’ Robert Browning

Floris founder Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth began selling perfume, combs and shaving products in the elegant quarter of London’s St James. Together in 1730, they opened their boutique at 89 Jermyn Street. When her husband, Juan, passed away, Elizabeth stepped up and took over the reins of the company, ensuring its continued success. Today, 89 Jermyn Street remains the heart of the business.

In more recent history, Mary Anne Floris married James R.D. Bodenham in July 1871, they would go on to have sixteen children together. From 1878 onwards, they ran the company. Taking over the business from Mary Anne’s brother, Joseph. Mary's contribution changed the family name from Floris to Bodenham, descendants of this line are still within the business today.

Through their dedication, hard work, and perseverance, these women have left an indelible mark on the Floris legacy. Their roles as mothers, businesswomen, and custodians of tradition reflect the profound impact of familial bonds and the intergenerational continuity of the Floris brand and future dynasty.

One of the first Floris fragrances, Night Scented Jasmine was introduced in 1806, a love letter from Elizabeth’s husband Juan, reminiscing over evening walks under balmy Minorcan summer night skies. Capturing the essence of Jasmine in full bloom, this effervescent scent is an opulent and feminine scent of sparkling dimensions.

Minorca & Floris

Minorca is the spiritual and ancestral home of Floris, the cultural legacy of the land is still at the heart of many of Floris fragrances, influencing the chosen accords and adding a summery facet to the scents.

Honouring the remarkable strength of character, intellect, and passion embodied by Elizabeth Floris, our Mother's Day tribute pays homage to her enduring legacy. Inspired by the essence of the original Floris Mother, we invite you to explore our curated selection of exquisitely scented gifts. Discover a range of offerings sure to delight every mother, celebrating her unwavering love and devotion.

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